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The Delmontes

Careful Assessment and Timely Intervention Enable a Family with a Disabled Child to Avert First Time Eviction

The “Delmonte Family” came to us in an acute housing crisis. A mother with three school age kids, Doris Delmonte had one, 8-year old Debbie, who was epileptic and learning disabled, but her benefits had been inexplicably reduced. At the same time, Debbie lacked sufficient classroom support and repeatedly drew her mother to school during the workday. This led to mom’s job loss.

This family facing eviction had never been displaced before. The mother had a credible job history and showed motivation to work and care for her children. She had been using her earnings and child’s SSI payments to support monthly household expenses, including rent and utilities. The mother’s job termination resulted in her falling behind $990 in rent payments, and even more in utilities. This heightened the risk of eviction.

Working with the family, our skilled case managers made a comprehensive assessment of need, reviewed the family’s monthly budget and counseled the mother on short-term options.

The Delmonte Family needed financial aid, but much more. With precipitous reduction in job earnings, they needed help to reinstate entitlements. But they faced bureaucracy and uncertainty about the timing and ultimate outcome of applications and payments. Mrs. Delmonte also needed financial coaching, and support to gain access to adequate special education services and supports for Debbie.

Our team provided targeted financial literacy instruction and budget coaching, and supported the family’s application to reinstate full SSI benefits.

Partnering with St. Vincent de Paul, we provided direct financial aid for rent and utility arrearages, and arranged a budget and payment plan with PECO.

In addition, we connected the family with the Children’s Crisis Treatment Center to reapply for PA IEB Waiver Services ensuring adequate classroom support for the daughter, and freeing the mother to return to work with confidence.

With the right mix of help and support at the right time, the Delmontes were able to avoid the pain of eviction and displacement, and address other serious needs tied to housing stability and security.


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